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Best Business Lawyer Information

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What do I ask a lawyer when starting a business? This is something many entrepreneurs overlook but this one question will lead you to finding someone who not only is well versed in the practice of law but also can marry it with the pragmatic reality of a business start-up budget and the amount of time available to the CEO.

On this episode of the Inside BS show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Sarah Sawyer about advising business owners on legal issues. They discuss the following topics:

— Do I need a lawyer to incorporate my small business?
— Do I need a lawyer to register a business?
— Do I need a Lawyer to start a business?
— Should I work with a litigator of a transactional attorney?
— What questions should I ask a lawyer before I hire her?
And many more interesting business law topics.

If you are wondering what to ask a lawyer when starting a business, you need to call Sarah.

Sarah Sawyer is a business lawyer with the law firm of Offit Kurman in Maryland. As an experienced business lawyer and civil litigation attorney, Sarah works with business owners to implement policies and practices that keep their businesses running smoothly, helps them avoid expensive legal battles, and fights for them when litigation arises. Sarah focuses her practice on providing her clients with business advice, drafting and analyzing employment documents ranging from employment agreements and severance agreements to employee handbooks, and litigating all aspects of general civil and commercial disputes.

With a diverse background of representing large companies and small business clients in private practice and working as in-house counsel, Sarah recognizes the importance of understanding all aspects of a client’s business when providing advice, whether it is compliance, complex commercial litigation, or business strategy related. When counseling clients, she takes the time to understand the ins and outs of her client’s business and employs a holistic approach when addressing their legal needs and concerns.

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00:00 What to Ask a Lawyer When Starting a Business
01:47 Business Lawyer Profile: How do you become a business lawyer?
02:22 What is the biggest challenge you face as a business lawyer?
03:40 What challenges do you face related to the law and COVID?
05:24 Why is it important to work with a lawyer who knows litigation as well as transactional work?
06:47 What is the definition of Complex Commercial Litigation?
08:00 Why your attorney must ask the right questions when you are a business start-up.
09:53 Do I need a lawyer to start a business?
11:48 How do you protect trade secrets when you hire employees?
14:53 How to get business clients as a lawyer
16:16 How to use LinkedIn and Blogs for law firm marketing.
18:00 Examples of strategic alliance marketing for law firm business development
19:40 How do I find the right lawyer for my small business?
21:18 What unique insight has being a general counsel given you as a business lawyer?
24:36 What is the biggest challenge for a small business owner in working with a lawyer?
26:33 How to get in touch with a business lawyer

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