Best Business Lawyer List

Best Business Lawyer List

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What Are The Types of Lawyers? What are their roles and salaries? This video talks about 6 Types of Lawyers, Their Job Profiles and Salaries. This video gives you a general idea of what lawyers who practice in a variety of settings can expect to bring in.

Advocates or lawyers are advisors and solution providers to legal issues that could range from disputes of property, marriages, divorce, criminal offenses to even the rights of an individual. Lawyers are the ones who represent their clients in court – be it initiating a lawsuit, attending formal hearings, documenting legal papers, assessing the cases to come up with solutions and so on. Becoming a lawyer requires one to obtain extensive training in legal procedures and to be familiar with the laws that have been laid down by the constitution. A lawyer or advocate can either deal with individual clients, government agencies or corporate houses.

Here are 6 Types of Lawyers, Their Job Profiles and Salaries
The primary role is to ensure the legality of company transactions. They act as advisers to a corporation on a range of issues.
Salary: A corporate lawyer’s average salary will start somewhere between $30,000 and $100,000 a year, depending on the size, location and financial condition of the employer.

They assess and analyze whether an invention is eligible for a patent or not. After the patent is obtained, patent attorneys protect patents in case of infringement.
Salary: The size of a patent lawyer’s paycheck
depends on several factors including
– the industry they work in,
– the size of the company they work for,
– the number of years they have worked in the field,
– their level of education

Includes defending individuals, organizations, and companies that face criminal charges in state, federal, or appellate court.
Salary: Criminal lawyers in public service earn significantly less than their colleagues in the private sector. An associate who practices criminal law at a large law firm can earn up to $115,000 in their first year, making it a much more lucrative career option

They represent a company, organization or individual in dealing with federal,
state, and local tax agencies.
Salary: Starting salaries tend to be somewhere between $55,000 and $83,000. Lawyers who remain in the field of tax law can expect a steady increase in their annual earnings as their career progresses.

These lawyers assist their clients in a variety of ways regarding commercial and residential real estate.
Salary: Highly skilled contract negotiators tend to be the highest earners in real estate law. Experience and location also influence the earning potential.

Family law is a broad field. Family law attorneys may be involved with custody arrangements, adoption, prenuptial agreements, and divorce. Many lawyers in this field choose to specialize, becoming experts in one area or another.
Salary: Experienced family lawyers in the private sector are the top earners in this group and have higher earning potential than their counterparts in the public sector. In family law, an attorney’s degree of specialization and experience strongly correlates with compensation.

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