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Getting admitted to study in the university is tough. Deciding on what degree to study is perhaps tougher. Your mum wants you to be a doctor. Your dad thinks engineering is more suiting, given your math skills. Then there’s your uncle who thinks architecture is your calling because he once saw you sketch a nice house. But an inner voice has been telling you studying law won’t be a bad idea. Hmmmm… these can be all too much for your inexperienced self and you may end up studying a course you have little passion for.

So in today’s video we’ll look at why Law might just be your calling and 10 signs that you should consider become one. If you are new to this channel, you are5. You Exude Confidence welcome. Consider subscribing to After School Africa to continue exploring opportunities.

Keep in mind that just ticking off one or two of these signs is not enough reason to consider pursuing a career in law. You need a combination of at least five of these signs to make the grade.

1. Big Books Don’t Scare You. 1:00
2. You Try To Get All Angles Of A Story 1:43
3. You Love Arguing To Prove A Point 2:05
4. You Stand For What You Believe In 2:34
5. You Exude Confidence 2:56
6. You Have Integrity 3:15
7. You Pay Attention To Detail 3:38
8. You Enjoy Debates 4:18
9. You Have Good Time Management Skill 4:35
10. You Keep Secrets.5:12

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