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Can Lebron trademark TacoTuesdays? Can Brady TM “Tom Terrific”? Is Lizzo 100%…
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It seems like every celebrity wants their own trademark these days. The summer of 2019 was filled with such celebrity trademark news as:

Tom Brady wants people to call him “Tom Terrific.”
LeBron James filed an application to register the trademark “Taco Tuesday”.
Lizzo says she is “100% That Bitch.”

Oh sure, it’s all fun and games until LeBron James takes away your right to send a picture of your food with #TacoTuesday to your friends!

So what the heck is really going on over at the US Patent and Trademark Office anyway?

Hey legaleagles. Today we’re talking about celebrity trademarks

********The USPTO acted on Lebron’s trademark and denied it. Called it!

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